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22.09.20 | Measurement for demanding applications
Beckhoff offers a comprehensive device portfolio that is suitable for reading analog values into the controller. In a webinar we will talk about the calibration of analog inputs. Learn more

21.09.20 | PSxxxx power supplies
Secure from the very beginning: new, powerful single-phase and 3-phase DIN rail power supply units, with outputs up to 960 W/1,440 W as well as high efficiency and long service life, reliably secure the 24/48 V DC supply. Learn more

18.09.20 | Webinar: Building Automation – News und Update
Beckhoff will present three products for building automation in the online event. In addition, three partner companies will participate in the total of six presentations. Learn more

17.09.20 | TwinCAT 3 – TF3800 integrates new analytical functionalities for machine learning
Train a Support Vector Machine to improve the quality of your production processes. Learn more

16.09.20 | Penta-Tec, Austria, A&T and Harmuth, Germany: TwinCAT NC I in large-format milling machines for the aircraft industry
High-quality metal parts for the Airbus A320 made with precise, user-friendly CNC tech. Learn more

15.09.20 | Multilayer Perceptrons (MLPs) for machine learning are now available in TwinCAT 3 – TF3810
Integrate Shallow and Deep Learning networks into your production processes Learn more

14.09.20 | GMTO, Chile and USA: PC- and EtherCAT-based control technology in next-generation telescope
Giant Magellan Telescope with site-wide real-time connectivity and 3,000 precisely controlled servo axes. Learn more

11.09.20 | Missed the webinar?
Did you miss our webinar Distributed power measurement with SCT current transformers? We recorded it for you. Webinar archive

10.09.20 | New EtherCAT Terminals for evaluation of incremental signals
In a webinar we will present the four new EtherCAT Terminals, which log incremental signals with high frequencies up to 5 MHz and feature numerous parameterization options and integrated functions.
Learn more

08.09.20 | Update of the TwinCAT XTS Extension
The central software package TF5850 for integrating and programming XTS systems within TwinCAT 3 includes a broad variety of new visualization and simulation features for an even easier and faster operation. Learn more

03.09.20 | Missed the webinar?
Did you miss our webinar compact drive technology up to 48 V? We recorded it for you. Webinar archive

01.09.20 | Missed the webinar?
Did you miss our webinar TwinCAT Cloud Engineering? We recorded it for you: Learn more

27.08.20 | MATLAB® and Simulink® within the TwinCAT real-time environment
TwinCAT 3 enables seamless integration of MATLAB® and Simulink® into the TwinCAT real-time environment. MATLAB® and Simulink® developers can set up real-time solutions either in collaboration with PLC programmers or independently. This particularly applies to virtual commissioning, Model-Based Design, machine learning and data analysis. Learn more